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                    Castle Rock WA 98611

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Transfer ownership into your name |Emissions testing | Fees, taxes, and donations
Off-road vehicles | … more on registering a vehicle

Change your name or address

Change your address | Change your name

Lost tabs, plates, or titles

Replace your vehicle tabs | Replace your license plates | Replace a title | … more on replacing lost documents

License plates

Get new license plates | Transfer plates to another vehicle | Intermittent-use trailer plates | Special plates | … more on license plates


Transfer ownership into your name | Salvaged, abandoned, or contaminated vehicles | Custom inspections | … more on titles

Fees, taxes, and donations

Fees | RTA tax | Local transportation benefit district fees | … more fees, taxes, and donations

For military personnel

Nonresidents stationed in Washington | WA residents stationed outside the state | Temporary permits | Tax exemptions

Disabled parking

Who is eligible? | Get or renew your disabled parking | Using disabled parking

Commercial vehicles

DOT numbers | IRP (Prorate) | Fleets | … more on commercial vehicles

Fuel tax

Taxpayer Access Point | Fuel licenses | Dyed diesel | Prorate and fuel tax offices
… more on fuel tax


Register a boat | Renew your boat registration | Report the sale of a boat | … more on boats

Recreational vehicles

Motorhomes | Campers | Travel trailers

Autonomous vehicles

Self-certification for testing in Washington state

Vehicle and boat licensing offices

Office locations and hours | Quick Title offices | How to become a licensing subagent